The Challenges of Being an Interpreter in a Socially Distanced World

The Challenges of Being an Interpreter

Working in language interpretation services has its challenges, however working as an interpreter during a pandemic presents more than usual. Interpreters predominantly work face to face and can be found at large events, international conferences, political summits, and more. Currently, many of these events are on hold, rescheduled, or even banned, while others are exclusively virtual. This does not mean, however, that there is no opportunity for interpreters to find work, but they must adapt to the new landscape.

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Translators of Language Department: Meet Barbara!

We’re highlighting the amazing ongoing efforts and experience of our language experts, as well as an inside look as to how much we value our translators and interpreters! The knowledge, loyalty and attention to detail that our community embodies is what makes Language Department unrivaled in language services.     Meet Barbara, in Dublin, Ireland… […]

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First-Rate Translation Done Efficiently and Effectively

Translations, adaptations, localizations and more — delivered quickly, accurately and professionally, every time. With trained translators and language experts spanning 50 countries globally and many industry verticals, Language Department is a single source for any linguistic or cultural expertise. Our thorough translation process ensures that your company or organization’s message is conveyed on-time, on-budget and […]

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