Your message should be read across the world.

Our experienced technology team will collaborate with your developers to adapt your website to any language, anytime. With knowledge and experience in all aspects of website content translation services, we have you covered when it comes to taking your business global.

Your Trusted Website Translation Agency

Communicating with your customer in their native tongue is essential in order to expand to a global level.

Successfully translating a website requires precision and care, with a deep comprehension of the original message and intended outcome. Language Department’s technology team uses a combination of translation technology and human translators to accurately and effectively translate your website content.

Website Translation vs. Localization

Website translation and localization are not the same, with localization going a step beyond website translation, with both being appropriate for different projects.

While translation converts your original content into the target language, localization will not only translate the copy but rework and adapt the copy to embody the local nuances of the target demographic.

Our technology team works to efficiently and professionally translate technical publications, multimedia, or apps and more to save you money and help grow your business.

Give Yourself the Competitive Edge

Having a professionally translated and localized website can be the key difference between you and your competitors. Time is of the essence and entering into a new market before your rivals do can help you gain the market–and keep it–before the rest. Translating your content will help you set the standards for quality and services, and create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

With our global network of translators, we can support just about any language project. From Arabic to French Canadian, Catalan to Chinese, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some common languages that we support:

– English
– Spanish
– Catalan
– Japanese
– German
– Chinese

– Arabic
– Dutch
– French
– Albanian
– Finnish
– Portuguese

– Urdu
– Swedish
– Korean
– Czech
– Polish
– Farsi

– Russian
– Hindi
– Hungarian
– Tagalog
– Hebrew
– Indonesian

Don’t see your language listed here? Contact us for a full list.

Our Experience in Website Translation

Our Language Experts offer a breadth of specialization in over 60 languages 

    • Digital content localization
    • Handling of all desired file formats
    • International SEO 
    • Keyword localization and research
    • Keyword mapping and meta tag creation
    • Translation of meta tags and meta description
    • WordPress integration
    • And more…

About Our Website Translation Process

At Language Department, we guarantee highly accurate website translations, made possible with our certified native speakers and three-step quality assurance process. Each of our clients are assigned an account manager in charge of personally handling the budget and overall progress of every website translations project.

For current clients, Language Department offers a vast Translation Memory of previously translated words and phrases to ensure consistency across each translation project. The benefit? Having fewer words to re-translate leads to real cost savings for clients with recurring projects.

Our certified, human translators are native speakers of your target language, ensuring over 99% translation accuracy.

Three-step process that includes quality assurance with no extra costs for most delivery formatting requirements.

Dedicated account manager and one-on-one customer service to ensure that the project is done on-time and on-budget.

FREE translation memory and ongoing discounts for clients with recurring translation projects.

What’s a Translation Memory?

A Translation Memory is your personal database of remembered sentences and paragraphs that have all been translated before; this is the key to how our “translate more, save more” pricing system works. We will never charge for repeatedly translated words, so there is always a discount on total cost.

How Our Pricing Works

We offer straightforward services with transparent pricing. Our reliable translation is offered at prices that are truly competitive and guaranteed to bring you the highest value. We’ll never charge you more than the service you are getting, and we do our best to ensure that you get the best service on the market and for the best value.


A project is submitted to our team, containing details on your input and output languages, word count, and any other information needed.


We review your project against your translation memory, along with timelines, delivery formats and other considerations.



Your customized price per word includes all levels of service, so you know exactly what you are getting. No surprise invoices!

Still have questions about what might be the best service for you? Get in touch, and we are happy to offer a FREE quote.

Website Translation Services for All Your Needs

With translators from a wide network of diverse backgrounds and industry-backed experience, you are guaranteed to be matched with a team that can provide website translation services to meet your every need.

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