More than 120 collaborators are working around the clock for Language Department. Like a good matchmaker,
we pour through our database of qualified linguists and find the perfect team for your project.


Quality assurance is absolutely fundamental to translation. Our highly-trained staff analyzes your documents to detect the adequate workflow, and then selects the translation team that best fits your project needs.

After creating specific style guides, glossaries and checklists that assure that all required steps have been met, we use powerful CAT tools to facilitate the translation process for consistency. We comb the completed translation to detect any misspellings, grammar issues, or punctuation errors in an exhaustive review to assure quality. After going through word-for-word, your project’s proofreading specialist will make strategic suggestions on content, overall formatting structure, clarity, and any necessary citations.

It’s important to remain in constant communication during the translation process, and we work hard to ensure that our client’s are always looped in, every step of the way. For instances where the client may not be available to proof translated materials before they’re due to ship out, we have added an extra step to our full review process to ensure that the highest possible quality of content has been produced.