More than 120 collaborators are working around the clock for Language Department. Like a good matchmaker,
we pour through our database of qualified linguists and find the perfect team for your project.


Our language copywriters will not only translate your words, but digest them and choose the words your target audience will best understand to convince and motivate them to take action.

We offer professional, first rate translation and localization solutions your company needs to ensure your message comes across as precisely and effectively as possible. We’ll develop a custom team depending on the content, specialty area, objective and budget of your project, because every client is unique and your business is our first priority. All of our translation projects go through a rigorous review process to be sure that the client’s requirements have been met, as well as our standards of quality.

Our Process:

  • Your dedicated, specialized Project Manager will discuss the engagement requirements, goals and timeline with you.
  • After the project is appropriately scoped, a team of specialized linguists will be assigned to your account.
  • A Custom Team – including a Translator, Designer and Web Developer, if needed – will prepare the documentation and propose style guides, glossaries, tech and client-support mechanisms based on the project requirements.
  • The Project Manager hands the translated text to a second translator for proofreading and revision.
  • Using CAT tools, the reviser ensures the highest quality by reviewing the content word-for-word and checking for consistency to your target language.
  • The final translated files are returned to the Project Manager, who does a final review for quality before delivering an identically formatted, translated version to you.