More than 120 collaborators are working around the clock for Language Department. Like a good matchmaker,
we pour through our database of qualified linguists and find the perfect team for your project.


Our Technology Team has extensive experience with software localization. We have found that the best approach is to work with your company’s programmers and application managers; we can either work with your developers or you can make use of our own web developers, programmers and localization experts.

There’s a substantial difference between website translation and website localization. Localization includes planning, preparing, and designing for the language being implemented, while translation is simply replacing the source text with the target one and making sure it fits to the available space. English, as a language, takes 30% less space than others, which creates tighter character count requirements; this is always a problem down the line that can be avoided when languages are added to your roster.

Our experts are here to help you in any way they can, and will advise you how to optimize by locating what is necessary to translate and what isn’t. Creating a language-specific microsite can often provide a solution, without wasting resources on a full recreation of your website.