1 Expert Translator + 1 Proofreader + 1 Internal QA

This option combines customization and collaboration between the customer and the translation team, such as style guides and/or glossary application, localization, cultural reviews and/or trans-creation.

Imagine that in the office next door there is a team of experts in your product who speak the language of your desired market. Just as you would do with the endless rounds of rewrites until the content reads just perfect in your language, this team next door would do the same. Not just translate the content, but the ability to construct cultural bridges through language. To make this possible, we delve into the global talent pool, seeking out the best linguistic experts.  

To ensure perfect alignment with your expectations, we take the time to familiarize our translators with the goals and values associated with your company or product. We make certain they are aware of any additional considerations, cultural nuances, or specific industry terminologies, which would enable them to produce engaging content that resonates with your diverse clientele across the globe.

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1 Translator + 1 Proofreader

This option is the industry standard. Ideally this option is for external communications such as professional correspondence and documents.

Our full-service translation and localization services are brought to you by a dynamic team of ‘live experts’, proficient in the language you are requiring. These are not just translators, but professionals with diverse industry experiences and profound linguistic backgrounds, each sharing a unique passion for the nuances of language, dialect, and culture. Your materials aren’t merely translated, but artfully adapted into your target language, ensuring both linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

Visit our project showcase to dive into our numerous success stories in translation and localization.



Machine Translation + 1 Reviewer

This option blends the speed and reduced costs of AI technology and the benefits of a human reviewer. Ideally this option is for initial discovery and internal communications.

The process is simple, the technology is not. On the simple side, we take your content and enter into an automatic translation software to produce a high-quality and multilingual solutions, and then have our expert proofreaders do the final clean up. On the technology side, we have invested in augmented neural systems that introduce sophisticated data pre-processing, along with terminology management solutions. Basically, the AI tells us which automatic language processor is best suited for your type of content and runs it against. 

Regardless of the technology, it is still an automatic version, missing the human interpretation. The cost of this option does not allow us to restylize the content for a more humanly read, but rather to confirm your source content has been properly translated. 

Keep in mind, despite having greatly evolved over the last decade, as with any machine, these systems can produce results of varying degrees of accuracy that can cause costly consequences when improperly used. When you chose this option, you are getting an automatic translation and having our experts review it.

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You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager to work exclusively with you so you’re not bounced around. However, our global team spans multiple time zones to ensure that we’re working around the clock to meet rigid timelines without sacrificing quality.


Meticulous QA = Worry-Free Output. Before delivery, all of our work is reviewed via a final round of rigorous QA to ensure the highest quality possible.


Spend your time worrying about what really matters and not about how the accuracy of your translations and localizations might be impacting the production team that they’re supposed to help.