Global Ambitions: Navigating the Language Barrier in Assessment Technology

In the intricate world of assessment technology, reaching out to a diverse global audience presents a unique set of challenges. Language barriers often stand as formidable obstacles, complicating communication and hindering growth. Assessments 24×7, a trailblazer in this field, has long recognized the critical importance of transcending these linguistic barriers. Their goal was not just…

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Surfing Language Waves – Language Department and the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Adventure

In The Splash Zone: The Pacific Whale Foundation’s Mission Dedicated to the incredible task of protecting whales, dolphins, and the marine environment, the Pacific Whale Foundation is a non-profit organization that faces a unique challenge – the diversity of languages within its global team.  Stephanie Stack, Chief Research Biologist at the Pacific Whale Foundation, expressed…

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Harness The Power of Multilingual SEO

Some services are still wildly underrepresented in different languages. If you are looking to expand your site and tap into markets in different languages, both locally or internationally, translating your website is a must, and a crucial element of website translation is multilingual SEO.  While multilingual SEO can sound intimidating, with the right team and…

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