3 Big Industries That Can Benefit from Translation

In today’s digitally connected world, geographies are the only barriers to reaching global societies and communities. Now with the ease and access of translation services, that sense of understanding becomes even easier to attain.

Translation and localization solutions ensure that any company, in any industry, can produce a message that is accurate and effective anywhere around the world. From product and service-related industries, to research and technology firms, and more, translation services make your offerings more familiar and relatable to customers around the globe.

There are a number of large industries that can benefit from language translation services, including:

1. Medical & Healthcare

Handling the conversion of confidential medical or scientific information into another language is a process that should always be approached with great  attention to detail. Effective medical translations are incredibly beneficial to healthcare clinics and organizations looking to expand, rendering helpful documentation for doctors, patients and researchers, like:

  • Medical Journals and Letters
  • Patient Consent Forms & Questionnaires
  • Research, Reports and Training

A language services provider with trained, technically knowledgeable medical translators is key to producing accurate translation in the healthcare industry.

2. Business & Marketing

True understanding of a language is a very important factor when it comes to introducing your company to a new country. To effectively promote your business to new customers abroad, it’s important to consider every aspect of the culture and select a specialized team to create localized content for every area of business and marketing, such as:

  • Website Development & Localization
  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing, Newsletters & Press Releases

In the business world, your message, and what you do with that message, play a significant role in how your brand will be perceived globally.

3. Media (Film & Television)

Keeping a movie or TV audience at the edge of their seats, while not interrupting the experience with translation and dubbing, is a necessary art form. When scripts are translated in a way that is sensitive to the project and language’s nuances, the viewer stays much more involved in the moment and appreciates the event even more.

When translating movies and TV shows, it’s key to regard areas like:

  • Audio Recording, Sound Design
  • Voice Casting & Voice Overs
  • Spotting, Closed Captions & Subtitles

For media content consumed by various cultures and peoples around the world, conveying the plot, lines and message consistently can mean the difference between a success and a failure.

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