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Global Ambitions: Navigating the Language Barrier in Assessment Technology

In the complex arena of assessment technology, the challenge of engaging a worldwide audience is distinct and multifaceted. Confronting language barriers is a major hurdle, as they often impede effective communication and limit growth. Assessments 24×7, a leader in this sector, has always understood the vital need to overcome these language challenges. Their aim extended beyond mere geographic expansion; they sought to make their innovative assessment tools widely available and meaningful to an international audience. This led them to form a strategic partnership with Language Department, a move that signified a transformative shift in their approach to global markets.

At the outset of their international expansion, Assessments 24×7 encountered a pivotal challenge: translating their content. Initially, they relied on the volunteer efforts of clients for translations, a method marked by goodwill but plagued by inconsistency and lack of scalability, which was far from ideal for a company aiming to make a global impact. As they started to set up operations in different countries, the need for translations that were not only accurate but also culturally sensitive became increasingly evident. To preserve the quality and effectiveness of their assessments, it became essential for Assessments 24×7 to revamp their approach to translation.


In their pursuit of global expansion, Assessments 24×7 encountered several challenges.

Language barriers stood at the forefront, impeding their ability to effectively communicate with a diverse, international audience. Initially, the company relied on volunteer translations from clients, a method that proved neither scalable nor consistent for their ambitions of global reach. This approach led to inconsistencies in quality and accuracy, jeopardizing the integrity of their assessment materials.

Moreover, as they expanded into non-English speaking regions, the need for professionally translated reports and web screens became critical to establish credibility and effectiveness in these new markets.


To overcome these challenges, Assessments 24×7 partnered with Language Department, a move that brought about transformative solutions. Language Department offered professional, high-quality translations, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance.

This partnership streamlined the translation process, marked by efficient workflows and meticulous attention to detail.

By overcoming cultural and contextual barriers, Language Department helped Assessments 24×7 build credibility in global markets. This collaboration not only enhanced the company’s reputation in non-English speaking regions but also positioned them well for continued growth and expansion into new linguistic and geographical territories, aligning with their vision of being a global leader in assessment technology.

“Their work is of the highest quality and delivered professionally. They are a trusted partner and I highly recommend them to others.”

– Stephanie Stack

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