How to Translate Legal Documents in Any Major Language

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In this day and age, it’s clear that having reliable legal translations are an absolute necessity. In this fast-paced, global economy, some risks simply cannot be taken as we adapt to meet customer needs; especially when working towards complete legal localization.

The process of translating legal documentation requires a lot of experience and familiarity with the language, key industry terms, and time. This isn’t something to be reckoned with, as the consequences are critical to law firms and their clients. There are a number of areas to be addressed — needing materials available in various languages in order to attend to clients and not scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to translations, so to speak.

Time is incredibly valuable for both law offices and clients alike, so it’s important to have a translation provider that can work well within tight deadlines and offer as much flexibility as is needed.

Crucial Documentation You Need to Acknowledge

Translating legal contracts, reports, patents, meeting minutes, and other certified documents all require care and attention to avoid any mishaps.

Foreign businesses, education systems, and government authorities, as well as other international organizations, require a certified translation of any documentation that is not in that country’s native language. Not to mention, personal legal documentation often has people’s futures at stake – marriage and divorce certificates, medical records, adoption papers, death certificates, and much more.

With such confidential and time-sensitive information at-hand, having an expert legal translator ensures that every word is translated on-time and accurately — in any language required.

Accuracy Across Languages

If you’ve ever communicated with someone who’s outside their native tongue, you’ll have noticed the differences in speech, structure, and vocabulary right away. Knowing well that misinterpretation in translation can lead to a different conclusion, it’s one of the most important translations that need to be perfect from the start. It’s not uncommon to see translations go wrong. Nowadays with cheap translation solutions out there, users turn a blind eye to corrections due to the sheer time constraints, but this does more damage than good.

Languages and dialects that are spoken from region to region, and country to country, can vary greatly. Law firms and legal departments need to rely on expert translators for every legal discipline who are truly familiar with how these dialects and language differences change across the world. When this is done correctly, legal translations are made to perfection!

The Consequences of Poor Legal Translations

Legal terminology is vast and complex, with certain terms that often exist in one language but not in another. Therefore, the importance of providing 100% accurate information is critical to a law firm’s reputation, the client’s needs, and to the understanding of the legal documents in question. Inaccurate legal translations can…

  • Change the entire meaning of a particular message
  • Alienate those who cannot understand the text
  • Confuse or mislead people who speak in various dialects
  • Lead to costly, real-world mistakes and embarrassing press
  • Lose important deals with key investors and potential clients

Language Department has access to a network of the top legal translators around the world — experts at translating text and certified documents for just about any legal discipline. As a boutique agency, we take personal pride and special care in providing translations to a variety of industries and verticals, specializing in legal translations among others.

We realize that the quality of our services directly impacts your firm, and we strive to provide services that meet your standards. With our legal translation services covering 50+ languages and a pricing system of “translate more, save more,” we’ll help your law office with fast, reliable, always-accurate translations.

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