Surfing Language Waves – Language Department and the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Adventure

In The Splash Zone: The Pacific Whale Foundation’s Mission

Dedicated to the incredible task of protecting whales, dolphins, and the marine environment, the Pacific Whale Foundation is a non-profit organization that faces a unique challenge – the diversity of languages within its global team. 

Stephanie Stack, Chief Research Biologist at the Pacific Whale Foundation, expressed the difficulty, “It was hard to make progress on our goals because some team members couldn’t be fully engaged in or contribute to our organization’s planning and decision making.”

It was here that Language Department, an accomplished boutique translation agency known for its proficiency in interpretation, translation, and voiceovers, jumped in to help.

Casting Off: The Language Department’s Voyage with the Pacific Whale Foundation

Language Department took on the mission with a clear objective – facilitate real-time communication within the Pacific Whale Foundation team, ensuring that all members were heard, understood, and could contribute effectively.

Diving Deep: Preparing for Interpretation

As Language Department’s lead interpreter, Lluís Cavallé, stepped up to the challenge of bridging the communication gap between Spanish and English speakers. As he explains, “The language barrier becomes a safe bridge to surpass this language gap.” Lluís Cavallé dove deep into each topic, preparing ahead of time, studying technical terms, and gaining an understanding of the intricacies that would come up during meetings.

Navigating the Current: Overcoming Challenges

There were challenges at high tide – internet connectivity, handling technical scientific terms, and respecting cultural nuances during interpretation. Yet, as Lluís Cavallé put it, “The interpreter should act as a bridge and, when needed, as an impartial mediator to ensure the main objective is met: getting things done thanks to good communication.”

Sailing Smooth: The Transformative Power of Interpretation

With Language Department’s services, the Pacific Whale Foundation started to experience a tide of change. Real-time interpretation was a game-changer, facilitating everyone to communicate in their preferred language. According to Stephanie Stack, “With real-time interpretation, participants can communicate in their native languages, eliminating language barriers…This inclusivity leads to more comprehensive and well-informed decisions.”

Horizon Ahead: Echoing Success

Language Department’s efforts enabled the Pacific Whale Foundation to harness its full potential. Effective communication did not only improve their internal processes but also amplified their conservation messaging to a wider audience.

Stephanie Stack articulated the impact perfectly, “Through translation services, our messaging can reach a wider range of people, including local communities, policy-makers, and international audiences.”

Sailing Into the Sunset: Parting Thoughts

Our voyage with the Pacific Whale Foundation showcases Language Department’s commitment and proficiency in transcending language barriers. Observing the positive change in the Pacific Whale Foundation’s conservation efforts, Stephanie Stack did not hesitate to say “yes!” when asked if she would recommend our services to other international organizations facing similar language challenges.Language Department is proud to contribute to the Pacific Whale Foundation’s noble mission. As we continue to sail alongside them, we are committed to making even bigger waves in their field, one translation at a time.

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