It’s a Bold Business World: Highlights of Canada (French Provinces)

Canada is an incredibly lush, beautiful, bustling country full of business opportunities, landmarks and activities, and hospitality. As a country boasting 2 mother tongues – English and French – Canada offers an international setting across all 13 provinces and territories. Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario are by far the most populous for French-speakers, but areas such as Alberta, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan also consider themselves francophones.

While Canada is widely known as a bilingual country (both English and French), what many people don’t know is that there are more than 200 different first languages spoken in Canada, including 60 aboriginal dialects – it’s one of the most diverse in terms of dialects found throughout the world!

Along with all the members of our French Canadian translations division that provide us year after year with countless jobs into the language, we hold a special place in our hearts for the French-speaking regions of Canada and all that it has to offer. If you’re considering expanding your business to French provinces and territories in Canada, already have a plan, or are preparing for a special business trip to the country, take a look at some of the most incredible locations and buildings you can take advantage of.

Gastown – Vancouver


The Gastown area of Vancouver is well-known for its stunning Victorian-era buildings, whistling Steam Clock, an eclectic mix of shops, art galleries, store, and trendy eateries that draw in locals and travelers alike. Boasting a trendy food and drink scene, Gastown has everything that one might want for a business trip – chic cocktail lounges, incredible restaurants, cafes at every corner, and great potential opportunities.

Historic Lunenburg – Nova Scotia


The town of Lunenburg is nestled along the ocean – its unique culture of maritime and wilderness, as well as historic galleries and shops, making for a well-balanced experience for those visiting and working nearby. Many refer to this area as “enchanting,” as it features picturesque homes and amazing access to nature that draw tourists in year-round. For those in the hospitality or travel businesses, Lunenburg is truly a hotbed of activity.

The Exchange District – Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Exchange District is a National Historic Site of Canada in the downtown area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Featuring a collection of buildings built between 1880 and 1920,  the “Chicago of the North” has over 150 heritage buildings within 30-square-blocks. Today, these storefronts and buildings serve as Winnipeg’s cultural hub, drawing in restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, artists, and architects alike – an ideal location for any new business to get started, or for an existing business to strategically grow.

Morrin Centre – Quebec City, Quebec


The Morrin Centre in Old Québec certainly has its place in history. Starting as a military prison in the 18th century and evolving over time to be an educational institution, historical society site, and now a literary dream, the building has played a crucial role in developing several historical foundations in the area. Today, the Morrin Centre acts as an English-language library, granting access to English books in a primarily francophone city.

Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick


No trip to Canada is complete without some in-person appreciation of the wildlife and natural aspects of the country. The Bay of Fundy, which separates New Brunswick from Nova Scotia, is one such place that can inspire wonder and awe. Recently shortlisted in an international competition to name a new seven wonders of the natural world, this bay is truly one of the most beautiful experiences in existence today.

Terrasse Nelligan – Montreal


A best-kept secret from most tourists visiting the beautiful city of Montreal is Terrasse Nelligan on the fifth floor of the historic Hotel Nelligan. The terrace at the top of the building has the perfect setting for a business lunch, dinner, or a casual break from the bustling crowds below, offering impressive views of the Notre-Dame Basilica and Saint-Lawrence River.

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