Why Is Translation So Important?

In the business world and larger global economy, language persists as one of the biggest barriers. While English dominates worldwide, there are many people who prefer to speak in their primary languages, and some countries and regions still don’t know it.

For as long as language continues to divide people through speech, translation will be an incredibly key aspect in
understanding and keeping the world connected. And, in terms of business, accurate translations can lay a foundation for long-term global success, no matter the industry.

Top 10 Languages in the Internet / Source: Internet World Stats

Top 10 Languages in the Internet / Source: Internet World Stats

Translation assists in reaching new audiences.

The potential of tapping into new, international markets is enough to make any business’ ears perk up – there are millions of people around the world who don’t speak or search online using English just waiting to be connected with.

Localizing your website, technical materials, support information and other potential customer-facing assets with translated material is key to reaching new audiences globally.

Translation preserves meaning.

Having your branding truly understood everywhere is a science and an art – it requires incredibly accurate translation to convey a proper meaning in different countries. Incorrectly translating your branding can mean the difference between global success and embarrassing failure.

Jolly Green Giant or Intimidating Green Ogre?

In the 1990’s, the Jolly Green Giant brand attempted to reach new audiences by campaigning in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately for them, the Jolly Green Giant, in English to Arabic translation is the “Intimidating Green Ogre”. The blunder is still referenced today, decades later.

Translation promotes global intelligence.

Accurate translations of various texts and materials can also provide insight into cultural intricacies that would otherwise be overlooked by other parts of the world. Maintaining each country or region’s true cultural meanings can enlighten and expand this kind of global intelligence, as well as promote knowledge of diverse peoples.

Sustained global success for any business relies heavily on the production of accurate translations, and spanning many languages and dialects. Language Department‘s goal is to help your company reach new audiences effectively, while providing attention-to-detail, customer care and custom services to fit your needs, no matter the project.

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