Marketing in Spanish: The Best English to Spanish Translators

The Internet took on a recognizable form nearly 30 years ago, and since then we have all had access to information spread across the globe. But some countries may have found it difficult to understand our information due to translation issues online. Even now, there are still some major mistakes happening when advertising across businesses and languages – Google Translate being the primary cause.

Using Translations for Marketing in Spanish

While we could list all the possible faults that could go wrong in business, we should focus on the main languages that are wrongfully crossing paths: Spanish and English.

Consider the 50 million Hispanics living in the United States, consistent errors are occurring across marketing in Spanish that can’t be ignored. The Spanish language out-populates the English by about 400 million speakers and should be a high priority for businesses operating across borders.

The perfect, yet unfortunate, example of this error is the Chevy Nova case. 

General Motors introduced their Chevy Nova into a Spanish speaking market, but the translation of ‘no va’ (Spanish) literally means ‘doesn’t go’ in English. A car that doesn’t go is the classic example of an inadequate Spanish translation that can happen when marketing a product.

Our translators are some of the best, most skilled Spanish translators in the world. With many successful projects translating for marketing in Spanish, we decided to take a look at just 2 with different visions and goals that turned out spectacularly.

Case Study: The Mood Project

The Mood Project is a creative branding agency, working towards brand placement with visual identity and communication for continuous growth for more than 15 years.

Their Challenge

Working with professional, brand-specific clients from around the world, The Mood Project needed an accurate translator for a marketing campaign in Spanish, within budget, but for a very important deal.

Our Solution

With a Spanish language specialist on call and notably swift turnaround times, flexibility and attention to detail, we were able to provide the company with excellent Spanish translations. This made it possible for The Mood Project to impress their clients with presentable, professional translations and set the standard for good work even higher.

Read the full case study here:

Case Study: Imagistic

Imagistic provides dynamic technology solutions to specific strategic businesses and website development companies with creative services.

Their Challenge

In order to keep their image in a growing, competitive industry, Imagistic needed to reach a larger international target audience. With project deadlines and budget restrictions, they found a demand for language translation services to improve localization.

Our Solution

With our expert team of Spanish translators, high-quality translations were provided to fit the expectations of Imagistic’s client needs. The overall integrity of work has allowed Imagistic to expand into new Spanish markets and serve a wider range of clients in the most effective way possible.

Read the full case study here:

Using the best translations for marketing in Spanish would be the solution to any translation service required. Otherwise, it’s clear that businesses could be making the easiest mistake to advertising, and overall reputation. Our expert Spanish translators at Language Department are skilled professionals when it comes to Spanish translations.

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