Voice Search On the Rise: How Prepared Are You to Reach Foreign Markets?

We recently stumbled on an opinion article that considers the overwhelming importance of keeping up with correct regional dialects, specifically within voice searching. By 2020, it is predicted that at least half of all searches will be made through voice. In short, accurately localizing content (both written and audible) that represents individual regional dialects is essential to…

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spanish language facts translations

Cool & Interesting Facts About the Spanish Language

As Spanish language experts (many of us native speakers!), we know quite a lot about the history, growth and depth behind the language itself. That said, there is always something new to learn! Below in this infographic, created by, are some amazing, unique and interesting facts about Spanish and those who speak it – how…

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translate to arabic

English to Arabic Translation: Social & Cultural Considerations

Beyond the linguistic qualities that are needed in any translation project, when we’re presented with an English to Arabic translation we are actually undertaking a job that calls for deep-seated knowledge of the differences between both languages and the cultures to which they belong. English to Arabic translation implies a solid understanding and respect for differences…

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Global Events Translation Case Study: RPMC

Our team of translation experts are helping companies tackle the complex world of language. And here’s another perfect example! RPMC is a partner for engagement, events and sponsorship that deliver amazing experiences for brands around the world. As a global company built on enabling other brands to connect with people, RPMC recognized their expanding need for…

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