5 Ways to Recognize a Truly High-Quality Translation

Have you ever been scanning a website or email in your native language and thought, “wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense…”? It’s an unfortunate reality that we live in; companies use poor translations in public-facing ways every day. Often these inaccurate or insensitive translations are put to use because a company simply doesn’t know…

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Beautiful & Untranslatable: Words From Around the World

While English increases in popularity, there are words and phrases commonly found in various other languages that will never be directly translatable. We’re here to celebrate these beautiful, strange, and often elaborate expressions that hold importance to their respective cultures.  The German language is one with a rich history. Mainly spoken in Central Europe, it is the most…

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What Your Company Needs to Know About Website Localization

No matter your company or industry vertical, developing a well-thought-out website that is perfectly localized in your ideal target languages is the only way to expand international reach strategically. There’s a key difference between website translation and website localization, and it’s important to consider when building your strategy. Translation of a website comprises of simply…

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